Curriculum & Instruction


The Board of Directors of Northern Arizona Academy approved the curricular goals created by staff, students, and parents of NAA in March 2011.

Graduates of Northern Arizona Academy will:

  1. Access, evaluate and apply information and technology effectively.
  2. Apply appropriate communication skills in a variety of situations.
  3. Think critically, creatively, and independently.
  4. Apply problem solving strategies in real world situations.
  5. Practice an awareness of civic responsibility that emphasizes tolerance, understanding, and empathy.
  6. Exhibit personal responsibility by practicing life management skills.

Approved Curricula:


Grade 9: Literature IAB (1.0 Credit)^

Grade 10: Literature IIAB (1.0 Credit)^

Grade 11: American Literature AB (1.0 Credit)^

Grade 12: Writing Workshop (0.5 Credit), Contemporary Literature (0.5 Credit)


Grade 9: Pre-Algebra (0.5 Credit) as needed, Algebra IAB (1.0 Credit)^

Grade 10: Geometry AB (1.0 Credit)^

Grade 11: Algebra IIAB (1.0 Credit)^

Grade 12: Math Applications (0.5 Credit), Statistics (0.5 Credit), Financial Lifeskills (0.5 Credit), College Algebra (0.5 Credit).


Grade 9: General Science AB (1.0 Credit)

Grade 10: Biology IAB (1.0 Credit)*

Grade 11: Biology IIAB (1.0 Credit)

Grade 12: Environment Science AB (1.0 Credit)

Social Studies:

Grade 10: Geography (0.5 Credit), World History (0.5 Credit)

Grade 11: US History AB (1.0 Credit)

Grade 12: Economics (0.5 Credit), Government (0.5 Credit)


Intro to Art (0.5 Credit), Advanced Art (0.5 Credit), Computer Applications (0.5 Credit), Culinary Arts ABC (1.5 Credits), Health (0.5 Credit), Lifeskills (0.5 Credit), Career Development (0.5 Credit), Workplace Communication (0.5 Credit), Office Aide (0.5 Credit), Work Study (up to 2.0 Credits), PE (0.5 Credit), Custodial Tech (0.5 Credit).

We also offer a wide-range of elective courses through APEX online learning and dual enrollment at Northland Pioneer College.


We offer Read 180 and Math 180 courses to help students who are below grade level in reading and math.  These are most often elective credit, but may be issued as English or Math credit as appropriate.

We also offer a daily Homeroom session that doesn’t earn credit and includes time for college and career planning, increasing study skills, Teen AA and Group Counseling, academic and behavioral interventions, community building, enrichment, assemblies, and incentives.

^course requires end-of-course AZ Merit testing.

*all 10th grade students complete AIMS Biology testing, as do 9th grade students who have completed Biology coursework.

Grade levels are recommendations based upon Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards.  As an alternative school, we allow students to take any course needed for graduation regardless of grade level.  We also offer credit recovery options for students who qualify.

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